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accredited Photodesigner, Artist and Photographer


My name is Jason Hann, aka the artist Selldon. I was born in Manchester, UK, but I grew up in Germany. I’m new to the professional photography business, but not new to photography. I started taking photos in the 90’s with analog cameras. In 2005 I got my first digital compact camera a Canon A410, and that really allowed me to take great photos. During the years it broke but I was able to recently purchase another, that I use when scouting for locations. 2007 I advanced to a my first DSLR – a Pentax K100D Super. Today I use Canon DSLRs cameras for my shoots. I haven’t advanced to DSLM yet. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic I completed a training in Photo-Design and was even accredited. This helped me create my own special field of expertise, selective coloration.

From 2019 onwards I started to create my own annual portfolios. They show you my development as an artist. Since January 2024 I have refocussed my photography and specialised in selective coloration.

Tree Nation

Deforestation is a major problem for me. In some cases, beautiful views and wonderful forests have been ruined by deforestation. So, I’ve decided to do something about it. When Rollei sponsored my first tree I immediately knew what I wanted to do. For every piece of art that I sell either from my website, PictRS or at an event I will have trees planted to make my virtual forest grow and to make this world a better place for everyone. If you are interested in helping my forest grow, please buy my art. This link will take you to my forest at Tree-Nation

Die Entwaldung bereitet mir große Sorgen. Viele schöne Landschaftsaufnahmen und Waldaufnahmen, sind durch die Abholzung zerstört worden. Als Rollei mir den ersten Baum spendierte, wusste ich sofort was ich machen wollte. Für jeden Verkauf meiner Kunst auf PictRS, meiner Webseite oder bei Events, lasse ich Bäume anpflanzen um meinen persönlichen virtuellen Wald wachsen zu lassen und um so die Welt für alle etwas besser zu machen. Möchten Sie mir beim Aufbau meines Waldes helfen, dann kaufen Sie meine Kunst. Der Link unten bringt Sie zu meinem Wald bei Tree Nation

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